The Guidebook of
Church Burners

19 x 25 cm
Saddle stitched
Photocopy and digital print
2 books binded in one

30 copies launched at Le Bal on the 4th of may 2018,
with a sound performance by Stephen O’Malley

Inspired by the various activities and imagery of a
music counter-culture, The Guidebook of Church Burners
is the first part of a project which describes the history and
actions of a fictitious society. Called "Church Burners", this
imaginary organisation gathers to burn churches. Only
apparently anti-establishment, this movement of rebellion
had its roots in the mindless anger of adolescence and in
the second degree Satanism found in the words of Extreme
Music. Divided into two distinct chapters, The Guidebook
of Church Burners develops a network of images (photographs
of the author, images from archives or films) which give
an account of the actions of this fictitious group.

En s’inspirant de faits divers et de l’imagerie d’une contre-
culture musicale, The Guidebook of Church Burners décrit
les actions d’une société fictive. Appelée Church Burners,
cette organisation imaginaire se rassemble pour brûler des
églises. Faussement contestataire, ce mouvement puise sa
révolte dans la colère déraisonnée de l’adolescence et le
second degré sataniste de paroles de musique que l’on
retrouve dans la musique extrême. Divisé en deux
chapitres distincts, The Guidebook of Church Burners
développe un réseau d’images (photographies de l’auteur,
images d’archives ou captures d’écran de films) qui fait
état des actions de ce groupe fictif.